About Me

I am a math teacher at Lift for Life Academy in St. Louis, MO. I previously taught for several years in DC Public Schools. I have enjoyed watching the young mathematicians grow over the course of the year. In my classroom I often use a blended learning curriculum in order to differentiate instruction and encourage independent learning in our scholars. I am always pushing myself to think of new ways to help the scholars understand the why behind the math.

I graduated in 2017 from the University of Chicago with degrees in statistics and economics. As a result, I am particularly interested in how statistical and economic thinking intersects with the world of education.

I was raised in Aurora, Colorado, and I am sure to visit the beautiful state whenever I can. I also enjoy hiking, playing video games, and reading copious amounts of Wikipedia.

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Media Critique: The Portrayal of Disability in South Park

Introduction South Park has built a reputation around being a subversive, shocking, and timely adult animated series. A wide range of topics are satirized for a mature audience, primarily through the eyes of fourth graders in a fictional small town in Colorado. Well known to be crude, violent, and far from politically correct (Leonard, 2006), … Continue reading Media Critique: The Portrayal of Disability in South Park

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